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Month: July 2019

500$ bounty: Man in the Middle on Slack

I wanted to disclose a security issue/concern which I found a while ago on Slack in a blog post. The issue itself is not very technical on itself. This makes it cool to share it with a somewhat broader public. Hopefully to create more awareness about security in general. Besides that, I hope people will start using bug-bounty programs more often. Either by signing up on programs such as HackerOne with their company or by just trying to hack in one of the programs there 😉 Slack? Just a small intro for those who don’t know Slack (shame on you…

WordPress can be secure

I have encountered many discussions regarding WordPress and it’s security. I love arguments and I believe we should stop see everything in black and white. Hence my title. It can be secure. Because I believe it can also be insecure, but more importantly I want to share my knowledge on the topics regarding security. To make it more secure. I have managed over 150 WordPress websites professionally on my previous job(s) and this website itself is WordPress too. Over a timespan of roughly 3-4 years, I have had 0 breaches. One could argue: but you got “pwned” yet you did…

Enjoy life!