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A domain change…

Years ago I bought the domain I had an idea for it; a sort of forum where devs could rant, included some personal blogs by various devs who fancied writing and needed a platform. Over time I did a lot of projects but not this one. A while a go I got contacted by the dudes from Obviously you can guess the question and you already see the answer.

Just let me get some facts straight first;

  • I owned the domain way before was ‘born’ or even that active. I saw a ‘rant’ on devrant (lol) claiming I was some copy-cat or whatever. I own since 2013. The io was registered in 2015.
  • I’m not going into details but I did not made financial gains on this deal.

The point is I’m also a developer (or actually more devops now) myself. I see the platform ( and even though I’m not an active user there, something I would have liked building myself. So no, I’m not going to be an ass about it and they can have the domain.

I like the guys behind and we talked a lot. The fact is that they will support me in the future if they have the room to do that. Honestly that means a lot more for me than a few bucks. 😉

So from now on I will blog (not that often hehe..) under (yea it was still free to be registered!) and I guess the future will see what will happen to 

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  1. Martin Martin

    nicely done 🙂

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