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I’ve set a goal for myself to reach $10.000 (10k) in bug bounties in one year time. With this tracker I will A: track any public disclosed bounties I make and B: keep the $$ up-to-date.



Because I actually love doing these things but I keep “forgetting” it, or actually just not giving it priority in my life. This page keeps me reminded of the goal I’ve set!

Why such a low amount?

I don’t think it’s actually low, but this isn’t my day to day work. I just like doing it as a hobby and I had to come up with a number as goal

Why such high amount?

I mean, this is the point where everything comes relatives to ones own opinion right? Anyhow, I figured this was a nice challenge for me.

On what programs are you active?

HackerOne and bugcrowd.

Can you teach me?

Not really, I’m learning myself aswell (:

Wow this timer is ugly

Yea, that isn’t a question, but it took me litteraly about 5 copy/pastes in 15 minutes time to make this. So. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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