First of all, welcome! Many years ago I was still a developer and I have created Devrant as a personal blog. Some cool dudes reached out to me because they had the .io version of Devrant and they were making a cool community which is now the https://devrant.com/ community. I would suggest checking them out!

Since I was already making a switch towards a DevOps role I took Sysrant as a name. Just a place to blog, rant, share ideas.

In general, I love doing “ops” related work, specifically in the cloud and automate things with the ease of my development background. My second passion is “security” or better yet the lack of it. I do love some whitehat hacking. I’m “active” on HackerOne and I’ve created my own website: https://isitthough.com to improve awareness and help company/people out. Give it a visit and let me know if you want to challenge me! 😉

Feel free to hit me up with questions and/or feedback. I’ve got some social buttons on this website. Pretty sure you can reach me. Also, let me know if you want me to write about a specific subject!

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