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Hi, I’m Wiard van Rij, Dutch and a programmer. I made this blog to blog about dev rants, or just simple cool stuff I pass by. I mostly work with PHP, some various CMS’es like TYPO3, Magento1 -2 and WordPress. In my spare time I work with Symfony2 and recently made the move to devops. Obvious stuff like Linux, Ansible and everything to do with ‘ the cloud’.

I try to make wicked stuff, fix shit that people cannot fix and be awesome. I also like dirty jokes, beers and whatnot. If you ever want to know something just contact me, or ask me to write about something. I appreciate it 🙂


My github can be found here: https://github.com/wiardvanrij


So besides programming I try to sport often, eat funky stuff and drink beer. You can follow me on the internet, and hit me up with questions or whatever!